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Lone Star State Gutters is a full-service gutter company offering installation of rain gutters, gutter protection, repair and maintenance as well as gutter cleaning. We provide a water drainage system that can be considered an important part of property maintenance, for residential and commercial properties.

Weather Events In Houston Can Be Costly
If you live in Montgomery County or anywhere nearby, you’ve experienced Houston rain and the torrential downpours that can continue for days at a time.  These Texas floods aren’t just an inconvenience, they can spell trouble and potentially end up costing you thousands in property repairs.

Gutter & downspout on a houseWhen the rains fall, water hits your roof and seeks its lowest point.  Without proper drainage, water cascades over your roof line, across the eaves and onto the ground below.  On the way down, rain water hits your house fascia, dripping onto soffits. Then it crosses the window sills, door trim and down along the siding of your house.  Over time, this can lead to wood rot, mildew and even mold on the exterior of your property.  But there’s a good chance that moisture will find its way into the interior of your house as well, causing additional damage.

A properly installed gutter drainage system is a simple and cost effective way to control roof runoff and provide a continuous drain installation system to help ease water drainage issues. Matching colors add to the beauty of your home while increasing the value and reducing future home maintenance and repair costs.

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Gutter system on a garageWhy Call Us?

Lone Star State Gutters installs house gutters for new homes as well as replacement systems for existing properties.  Either way, our rain gutters are custom measured to ensure an ideal fit, so you’ll know they’ll perform as they should while looking great.Our gutter troughs are 5-inch and 6-inch width depending upon your roof type.  The pitch of your roof determines how quickly water flows down and over your roof line.  Most homes will take a 5-inch system while commercial properties require a 6-inch gutter trough.  A 5” trough is normally paired with downspout measuring 2 x 3 inches.  A larger system of 6” inch gutter-trough would generally use a 3 x 4-inch drainpipe.
Our professional gutter drainage systems come complete with downspouts, box and miters, end caps, and downspout extensions to serve as diverters to send water drainage an adequate distance away from the base of your house or commercial property. And these are attached securely with hidden hangers to provide a low-profile appearance to your roof line in order to enhance the beauty of your property.

Seamless Gutters
We use seamless aluminum material when installing roof gutters.  No seams mean there will be no leaks and there’s no chance of corrosion in between seams that can happen with precut gutter sticks that have to be connected.  And all of our gutter system installations are made of aluminum, so you know you’ll never have rusting or corrosion. Plus, we use a thicker aluminum material than you’ll often find other companies use.  Manufactured from quality materials and professionally installed to give your property the protection it needs from the Texas rains   So you’re ensured of a stronger, more durable gutter. You know you’ll get years of increased service performance while keeping the exteriors of your home looking beautiful.  And you have 36 popular colors to choose from, to help match the style and design of your property.

Lone Star State Gutters is locally owned and operated so you deal directly with the owner. quality guttering products, along with professional service and reliable installation along with Good old-fashioned customer service you deserve and expect, all at a reasonable price you can afford.
Protect the value of your home or commercial building while improving its appearance with the best gutters available. Call Lone Star State Gutters today!

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