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Lone Star State Gutters offers the very best in gutter protection for your home or commercial property. Since not all property requirements are the same, we offer two different models in rain gutter protection.

One very important factor that is unique about each of our types of rain guard covers is how they are installed.  Unlike covers sold by many other companies, our protectors do not get attached or penetrate your roof or roofing shingles in any way. This is critical because most roofing warranties will become void if the shingle or roof material is disturbed in any way.

Our rain gutter covers will give you peace of mind because you’ll never have to worry about our guttering screens voiding your roof warranty!

Complete Coverage
Something else that makes our cover screens unique feature that they cover your entire rain gutter. This is why our system keeps out debris from entering into the sides or underneath the system.  Any type of opening can allow twigs, leaves, bees, wasps, bees and even rodents to can get into your gutter system and then, who knows where they can up. Our system snaps securely in place so that rain drainage system is fully covered.

You’ll find that many other types of covering systems are attached through or into the roof, causing leaks and other problems.  Let’s take a look at our two models of rain drainage protection.

Leaf Protection Gutter Covers

Leaf Protection gutter coverThis model is constructed with a 22-gauge steel base that is then covered with an aluminum, 18-gauge screen to provide exceptional performance.  This is suitable to keep out larger debris such as twigs and leaves.

Its attractive “low-profile” look allows it to easily blend in with any outside decor. The material of this model of our gutter guards is compatible with all types of roofs, including: metal, tile, flat, and shake roofs.

If you have pine trees on your property, we recommend you consider our other model of protection.

 “Mesh Pine Needle Screen”

Mesh Pine Needle Gutter ScreenThis cover screen is specially designed (and guaranteed!) to keep out very small debris and particles, such as pine needs, roof sand and aggregate.  This is the very best gutter guard system for pine needles.

This model is made with a .040-gauge aluminum base that is covered with a powder coating. Like our other covers, this powdered coating protects against any chemical reaction the material may have with your gutters.  (Bare stainless steel will eat bare aluminum. Unlike other gutter protection products, our gutter guards avoid this issue right from the start!)

The base is then topped with a stainless micro-mesh screen to ensure superior performance against the harshest elements. The fine, mesh screening is specifically designed to keep out the smallest of particles. And it’s “low-profile” design easily blends with any outside decor.

The material is compatible with all types of roofs, including slate, shake, flat, tile, as well as metal. And like all of our other gutter protection model, installation does not require any roof penetration and so won’t interfere with your roofing shingles. So, you’ll have no worries about any chance of your roof warranty being voided by your gutter guards!

Product Warranty and Service Warranty

Each of our rain gutter guards come with two warranties for your peace of mind:

  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Material Warranty
  • Lifetime Transferable Service Warranty – this guarantees your system from every clogging.

Very simply, your gutter screens are protected for life by the manufacturer. And, in the event you sell your home, our Service Warranty can be transferred to the new buyer of your home. Two different warranties to give you double protection.

Compare our gutter covers with anything else on the market. Call us today and compare our covers and screen protection for your rain drainage system.

To learn more about any of our models, call today and schedule a free, “no-hassle” demonstration and quote.

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